About Me

Scientist at Arcadia Science 

Pronouns: She/Her




I am a microbiologist and I study the viruses that infect bacteria (bacteriophages). 

During my PhD in the Bondy-Denomy lab at UCSF, I studied how bacteriophages use anti-CRISPR proteins to survive being attacked by the bacterial CRISPR-Cas immune system. As a Miller Research Fellow in Jill Banfield's lab, I used genome-resolved metagenomics to discover phages that use alternative genetic codes in human and animal microbiomes. 

As a Scientist at Arcadia Science, I combine experimental and metagenomic techniques to explore the amazing diversity of bacteriophages on our planet. 


PhD in Biomedical Sciences                                                                                                         2014-2020
Advisor: Joe Bondy-Denomy
University of California, San Francisco

BSc in Microbiology                                                                                                                      2010-2014
Advisor: Jon Boyle
University of Pittsburgh



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* These authors contributed equally to this work

Borges AL, Zhang JY, Rollins MF, Osuna BA, Wiedenheft B, Bondy-Denomy J.Bacteriophage Cooperation Suppresses CRISPR-Cas3 and Cas9 Immunity. Cell 174(4):917-925 (2018).

2017 and prior 

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Awards & Honors

Nat L. Sternberg Thesis Prize, 2020
UC-Berkeley Miller Fellowship, 2020
UCSF Chancellor's Award for LGBTQIA Leadership, 2019
Harold M. Weintraub Graduate Award, 2019
UCSF Dean's Award for Excellence in Mentoring, 2019
UCSF Hooper Foundation Microbiology and Immunology Fellowship, 2018
NSF Honorable Mention - Graduate Research Fellowship Program, 2016
Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship, 2013
Samuel D. Colella Research Award, 2013
University of Pittsburgh Mentor/Mentee Summer Research Fellowship Program, 2012
University of Pittsburgh Honors College Full Tuition Scholarship, 2010
National Merit Scholarship, 2010